where am i

i woke up in this weird place. im all alone here and i dont know where i am..i feel like im stuck in a pile of mud or something like that, its thick and feels gross and sticky and i cant move my body no matter how hard i try.

i can hear static all around me. i think theres something else here but all i can see is white. i dont think im alone though. in fact, i know im not. theres definitely someone or something else here and i dont think i want to meet whatever it is.

theres something coming

i can hear it clearer now. the static isnt static at all, its footsteps. theres a buzzing noise and its so so loud but im still stuck. i cant move an inch but i think..i think i might be able to do something if the thing finds me. its just a gut feeling i guess.

its been a couple hours. i still cant move at all and im starting to panic a little bit..the footsteps are still so far away and the buzzing is getting louder and i can see wires all around me but i think thats good? its at least nice to be able to see something. im getting really sleepy though. i hope when i wake up ill be back in the real world.

another place

im in a different place now. i went to sleep for what feels like days, and woke up in a dark room but at least i can move and speak now. im still alone, but somehow i feel less lonely. im hungry though and that stupid fucking buzzing is still going and its driving me insane. i want to rip out my goddamn ears and watch my blood spill all over this cold dark floor and let whatevers out there consume me whole just to get rid of that infernal fucking buzzing.

i wish i could get out of here already. it feels like im being watched, and im starting to think that whatevers watching me might not want to help me. i keep talking to myself, even though i know i probably sound like a crazy person. i cant even remember my name, isnt that kinda funny? a name is the most important part of a persons identity but i cant for the life of me remember mine. my phone has no signal, and i cant hear anything except for my breathing and that buzzing. im so sick of it, but even though i can move now i cant escape this room, and if i try to dig at the walls they just regenerate. the floor is now always damp and sticky with my sweat and grime and even when i sleep i just wake back up here. whats going on? is this some sort of torture made specially for me, or was i just unlucky? it hurts to think about it. it hurts to think in general. i dont wanna be here anymore. somebody please get me out. get me out of here!!!!!

i can feel a disturbance somewhere..

a secret dwelling

im cold. im so cold and my throat is raw from screaming to the thing just watching me. i wish it would get me out of here, or maybe even kill me but it just stands there and watches me. listens to me scream. it never leaves, not even when i sleep. the air is stagnant and stuffy, i havent seen the light in weeks and my fingers are rubbed raw from digging digging digging at the walls but nothing happens. not even a dent. my phone never dies, but this stupid website is all i can access. i hate it here. when i speak it feels like knives are clawing my throat, so ive stopped. im starving. im starving. im starving. im starving. im starvingstarvingstarvingstarving

theres nothing here anymore.

im awake, and for the first time in what feels like forever i finally feel warm and full...but my hands, legs and chest are sticky. i dont want to look at what could be on me, but its warm...so warm. i can taste blood in my mouth and whenever i lick my lips the taste becomes stronger. i think...whatever was outside my door is gone and the door is open...and i think i opened it. its clawed wide open, and theres a body with chunks missing and i feel sick to my stomach but im so, so full. im finally full. the air is less stagnant now that the door is open, but i need to wait to get my strength back up. i dont think i can walk right now, my legs feel like jelly and i can barely move. i can also finally remember my name. my name is siren, im 19 and im stuck here. i need to get out and now i know i finally can.