The End Of The World

There isn't anything here. A place devoid of feeling, of emotion. A horrible, dark and infinitely empty hole deep in the wet earth, the only sound is their own breathing. They don't know where they are, or even who they are. They don't know where I am. They speak about a buzzing, unaware it comes from inside their chest.

It's been exactly a week since they arrived here. Like an angel, I watch them and walk in place. I want to give them hope of another being finding them, but they should already know of the futility of their fragile optimism. Hoping for something to change in a situation like this...Is simply naïve. Humans truly are stupid.

A Secret Home

Somehow, they've realized I'm here. I don't know how exactly, maybe intuition? I've stopped giving hints that I even exist, but they keep glancing over to the shadows where i stand, right outside their locked door. They haven't yet realized that this "trap" is of their own making, though. It's comforting to know that their stupidity is still greater than their desperation to escape. But...They've started to scream. It's grating, and I want no more than to bang on their door to make them stop, but I am not permitted to interact with them by the council. They are quite persistent in their belief that they can eventually escape, and it would be adorable if it weren't so pathetic.

They've stopped speaking, stopped screaming. They keep staring at me, right into my eyes. They're angry with me, but I can't do anything about their situation and they know that so instead they throw a tantrum like a toddler. They keep trying to dig at the walls, but only succeed in smearing their filthy blood over the walls and floor. They frequently exhaust themselves and fall asleep afterwards, but this time they did not. This time, they started to mutter about how they were starving before collapsing onto the ground and dissapearing. Where the hell could they have gone? They were not meant to be able to escape.

A New Watcher

Well, there's been a small change in who's assigned to watch this human. The old watcher, Aron has been killed and...eaten. It was frankly quite disgusting to see, but I thankfully did not know them personally, so I am not too affected by their untimely demise. This human clawed apart the door trapping them in a fit of berserk rage and mauled Aron like a rabid animal. It would have been amusing if it wasn't so grusome. I don't think the human has quite realized what they've done yet, but I personally can't wait to see how they react. I am permitted to interact with them if absolutely necessary to protect my life, and also prevent whatever happened to Aron from happening again. I am excited to document my findings on this peculiar human, and will update this site accordingly if anything interesting happens.